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Success Stories

Paragon Cartage

RVCDF helped Paragon Cartage expand, hire new employees and purchase needed equipment.

Paragon Cartage – 3G Brothers LLC is a registered Washington state motor carrier founded by Jemal Ali in 2006; he remains active in the business following its sale to two employees, now co-owners. The company provides transportation services to distributors, freight forwarders and brokers by moving import/export containers between ports and railroads to distribution centers in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in-house trucking services for some of the largest steamship lines.

The critical elements to Paragon Cartage’s success are its service contracts with steamship lines and premier supply chain technology, in conjunction with its excellent customer service, communications, reliability and competitive rates.

The firm is now one of the top inter-modal companies in the Northwest, with access to and delivery services from Seattle and Tacoma terminal ports and railroads, including both Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway—the largest freight railroad networks in North America.

Having run a successful business for over a decade, Jemal was ready to pass on his legacy to two trusted employees, Alemu Haile and Mulugeta Amera, now co-owners who purchased Paragon Cartage in 2016.

“We attended Executive Director Wayne Lau’s presentation of the Rainier Valley Community Development Fund at the annual event of the African Chamber of Commerce of the PNW,” said Alemu. “After reviewing his presentation and researching RVCDF, we felt qualified to benefit from this great opportunity.”

RVCDF provided additional working capital needed to cover operating expenses, expand the business, purchase equipment, and hire more employees.

“Our business challenges us every day in different ways,” says Alemu. “But we use the best industry software available, allowing us to be efficient and successful.”

Paragon Cartage also received technical assistance in operations, financial management, and developing its business plan.

“We have an excellent relationship with RVCDF and look forward to working with RVCDF to meet our future financing needs.,” says Alemu.


8 new jobs created
22 existing jobs retained
20 percent increase in revenue

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